audacious problem

Zahemszky Gábor Gabor at Zahemszky.HU
Wed Mar 11 02:42:13 PDT 2009


Yesterday, I tried audacious (+ -plugins) - as I need a multimedia
player, which can play my CD-s and my other audio files. Interesting: I
can play midis (timidity-plugin), flacs - but not remote or
local mp3-s / ogg-s. On the console, I could get only:

SNDCTL_DSP_FORMAT ioctl failed: Operation not supported by device

message, and heard some noise from the speakers.

That machine has 7-STABLE (from yesterday, and an up-to-date potrs-tree.

Can anybody help?

Gábor < Gabor at Zahemszky dot HU >

Z='21N16I25C25E30, 40M30E33E25T15U!';
set -- $Z;for i;{ [[ $i = ? ]]&&print $i&&break;
[[ $i = ??? ]]&&j=$i&&i=${i%?};
typeset -i40 i=8#$i;print -n ${i#???};
[[ "$j" = ??? ]]&&print -n "${j#??} "&&j=;typeset +i i;};
IFS=' 0123456789 ';set -- $Z;for i;{ [[ $i = , ]]&&i=2;
[[ $i = ?? ]]||typeset -l i;j="$j $i";typeset +l i;};print "$j"

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