Requirements for including project in the FreeBSD source tree

Michal Tůma 98758 at
Thu Jul 16 22:53:40 UTC 2009

I would implement a deamon for controlling OSS mixer devices. 
The deamon would open MIDI device and start listening on it to reflect volume
changes based on receiving MIDI Control Change messages. And vice versa, for
reflecting volume changes to MIDI device via MIDI Control Change messages. I
have tested receiving and sending MIDI Control Change messages via USB MIDI
Driver (snd_uaudio, FreeBSD 8) and it seems there is no border to implement
such a deamon.
So I have a question. Are there any special requirements for implemeting it to
be able to include it in the FreeBSD source tree? I would implement it using

Excuse my english, best regards,
Michal Tuma

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