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"Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at> wrote:

> > Yes, we all know your interpretation of the world "stable", which is not the
> > expected meaning that FreeBSD folks generally intend when they use that
> > term.
> Agreed.  Joerg has an unusual use of the word stable, but
> then when he started using that usage of stable, he didnt need to
> conform to FreeBSD usage of word stable as:
>   He was I think, a mostly Linux based developer of a cross platform
>   source that also runs on *BSD.

Linux is one of many supported platforms and it causes more workload than 

Since February 1985 (when the first Sun arrived in Europe), I am working on 
SunOS. Before, I was working on UNOS - a UNIX clone. 

The main development is still on Solaris and frequent compilations are also 
done on HP-UX and Mac OS X. Less frequent compilations are done on Linux and 
FreeBSD, as well as on Haiku. 

I would be interested to again get access to AIX and IRIX (I know IRIX is dead 
but it has the best warnings in the C-compiler ;-).

>   Even in FreeBSD, Stable only later came to mean the common English
>   meaning of reliable, I remember several times people asserting all
>   Stable meant was that the API (libs etc) avoided sudden changes like
>   in current, didn't back then mean make world wouldnt break etc.

The last interface change im mkisofs (disallow -H/-L/-P for future POSIX.1-2001
usage with these optiions) was implemented in December 2006. It was announced 
in October 2002.


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