ports/131869: error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory

bf bf2006a at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 05:38:05 PST 2009

I have also experienced this problem.  The multimedia/gpac-libgpac port
is not being configured properly.  When it isn't built in a cleanroom,
it picks up hidden dependencies on various GL and Xorg ports that may be
installed on the system. Various options need to be disabled explicitly
via patches or CONFIGURE_ARGS, or these dependencies need to be listed in
the port Makefile and the proper CFLAGS and LDFLAGS need to be issued.

This port should probably have OPTIONS, as it has limited functionality in
the current stripped-down form.

In the short term, you can fix the build by adding -I${LOCALBASE}/include
to your CFLAGS for this port, but this alone won't fix the dependency list
in /var/db/pkg/*.

In the future, you should list the port that is causing the problem in 
the title of your PR, so that it is assigned to the right person.



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