Support AV Stream on FreeBSD

Thomas Donnelly tad1214 at
Thu Sep 25 17:57:10 UTC 2008

Alex Keda wrote:
> Bruce M. Simpson пишет:
>> Alex Keda wrote:
>>> the problem
>>> currently the FreeBSD dosn't support common AVstream interface 
>>> (audio / video)
>>> as simular vl4 for linux
>>> may be someone to write such interface driver? under FreeBSD license
>>> Also, it will be necessary to write patches for mplayer and vlc, 
>>> that these programs can use this interfaces.
>> v4l support is not part of mainline FreeBSD, various drivers ship 
>> their own, please see ports/multimedia/pwcbsd, 
>> ports/devel/linux-kmod-compat, ports/multimedia/linux-gspca-kmod etc.
>> Also see here for an app which runs on FreeBSD and uses v4l 1.x to do 
>> so:
>> There are a number of criticisms and issues of v4l 2, however, the 
>> level of work involved is such that IMHO it is either going to take 
>> highly motivated individuals with lots of free time, or a compelling 
>> business case, for this support to appear in FreeBSD.
> where to develops the FreeBSD?
> is't desktop?
> may be small parts of grants summer 200x year to leave for needs of 
> developers in such case
> the freebsd as desktop - a waiting many users
> but it's develops only as network OS
> ==========
> 1.5 year ago, when Kirk McKusick came to Moscow, he has told - that 
> the purpose the next years - to catch up linux as with a desktop.
> It so? Or not?
> If yes - that developments in this direction is not visible...
I don't know, the ULE scheduler may not have been targeted for the 
desktop but it sure made multimedia performance outstanding on my machine.

I would like to see it move even more in the desktop direction (nVidia 
drivers etc.) as its day to day performance is outstanding. I use 
FreeBSD as my workstation at home, work, on my laptops, etc. Not to say 
I don't have my complaints (typically related to hardware compatibility 
on the laptops) I still chose it over any other distribution. My biggest 
selling point day in and day out is the ports system, over and over again.

Just my 2c

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