Which Userland Interface for USB Video Class Driver?

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Thu Sep 25 03:57:30 UTC 2008

Markus Rechberger wrote:

>> When talking about HDTV standards, as I know, there are quite a few
>> versions on the world:
>> Europe:        DVB
>> USA:           ATSC
>> Japan:         ISDB
>> China:         AVS
>> I wish there is no trouble in open source community against our Chinese
>> standard AVS, which is friendly to hardware vendor and TV operator
>> (very low charge for patent usage, and not to charge content
>> maker/publisher and TV operator).
> isn't it DMB-TH for China? I heard some rumors about other standards too lately
> and that manufacturers are trying to push something else?
> Markus

You are quite right.

DMB-TH is the national TV *** signal transmission *** standard of China.
And AVS is the national TV *** audio/video encoding *** standard of China.

The unique Chinese national TV operator "CCTV" (www.cctv.com) and some
local TV operators have set up small-scale DVB (the European standard)
network in some developped cities. Even the local government-run cable
TV operator has presented a DVB-T set-top box to my parents without any

But the government insists on developping our own technical standards,
though in quite a period many technical features of our standards are not
as good as American, European and Japanese ones. But if we wouldn't
try to keep up with USA/Europe/Japan, we will lose the future for ever.
At least, realistically, we cannot bear the high patent charges of
American/European/Japanese standards (from Chinese media):

ATSC:  About US$ 10  / terminal
DVB-T: About US$ 2.5 / terminal
AVS:   RMB Yuan 1 / terminal (US$0.147/terminal, at today's exchange rate)

With this background, the government created some workgroups to constitute
the national digital TV standards. During the last Olympic Game 2008,
CCTV broadcast DMB-TH/AVS HDTV programs in small scale.

As a driver writer, the AV encoding standard concerns me. For,
the driver must be able to decode compressed frame into plain bitmap
if the chip cannot decode frame on its own. Of course, the Chinese
standard is so cheap that many hardware vendors are willing to integrate
decoder into chips, I believe.

                                                From Beijing, China

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