multimedia/ogle: patch or update to latest CVS

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Sep 24 12:44:53 UTC 2008

There is a certain problem with ogle and Xv attribute
XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY where sometimes one can get a black/blue
screen/window instead of a normal playback.

It is described (rather colorfully) here:
and touched upon here:
the above link also mentions that the problem was fixed in ogle CVS code.
Google can certainly give more results.

There is a workaround for the issue, but it seems that it was actually
fixed in ogle CVS quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, there was no
ogle release for even longer.
I assume that the fix lies in revisions 1.118, 1.119, 1.120 of the
following file:

I think that we can either create a port patch based on changes in those
revisions. Or maybe we could update ogle port to the latest CVS version
of code. Or maybe create a new ogle port (ogle-devel?) for that.

Andriy Gapon

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