devel/linux-kmod-compat bit me

Fritz Katz frtzkatz at
Wed Sep 10 23:08:06 UTC 2008

I've often wondered about the differences between the Linux msleep and FreeBSD msleep -- I've actually lost some sleep thinking about it.  They appear to be the same in name only. Am I confused here? If so, jump in and correct me.

The Linux msleep simply goes into a while spin-loop counting down a timeout on schedule_timeout_uninterruptible( ). It seems to be a closer match to the Standard C library call: usleep.

The FreeBSD msleep seems to be a different beast entirely. A better name would be 'mutex_sleep' since that is what it does. In fact, we shouldn't use FreeBSD msleep since it has been depreciated, use mtx_sleep instead.

For linux_kmod_compat would a better match to the Linux msleep be the FreeBSD kernel function pause?:

    void pause(const char *wmesg, int timo);

or is there something better for use in the kernel, drivers, and KLDs?

-- Fritz Katz.


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