snd_hda suspend/resume support

Alexander Motin mav at
Mon Sep 8 20:42:39 UTC 2008


Sergey G Nasonov wrote:
> I have a Lenovo laptop T61 with Current 8.0 installed.
> uname -a
> FreeBSD snasonovnbwxp.bcc 8.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT #2: Mon Sep  8 13:00:19 MSD 2008     snasonov at snasonovnbwxp.bcc:/usr/obj/usr/current/src/sys/CUSTOM  i386
> I tried your patches 20080812 and 20080907.
> With 20080812 all work fine, but with 20080907 the sound isnt work. The driver may work but i cant hear any sound.
> I check suspend/resume also. There is log from console:
> Seems to be suspend/resume work. What can I do here to restore sound?

  - Try to set all mixer controls to 100%.
  - Try to set ogain both 0 and 100.
  - Try to connect headphones and check for any reaction on plugging 
them and will there be any sound via them or not.
  - Send me verbose dmesg from the last working version (20080812?).

Alexander Motin

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