snd_hda UAA patch second preview

Fred Woods fred at
Sun Sep 7 21:24:13 UTC 2008

System: Dell Inspiron 1525

Before loading driver, vi will
generate beeps at speaker when
hitting escape twice.  After
loading driver, vi no longer
generates beeps.  Unloading
driver does not restore beeps.

Pluging in/out headphones does
generate sense messages.

Verbose dmesg output after driver load:

sndstat output with verbose=4

dmesg output with pindump=1

Think the seq values for the as 15
just provide a priority list for the
other associations, where the seq # is
the target association.

nid 33 (as 10, seq 0) maybe the cd/dvd.
The other option is the S-video jack on
next to the cd/dvd.  Thinking the separate
chassis bit means the cd/dvd.

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