Is this a bug? (in /usr/src/sys/dev/bktr/bktr_os.c )

Fritz Katz frtzkatz at
Fri Sep 5 00:59:30 UTC 2008

In FreeBSD-7.0, /usr/src/sys/dev/bktr/bktr_os.c, line 469:

  if (bktr->res_irq)
     bus_release_resource(dev, SYS_RES_IRQ, bktr->irq_rid, bktr->res_irq);
  if (bktr->res_mem)
     bus_release_resource(dev, SYS_RES_IRQ, bktr->mem_rid, bktr->res_mem);
  return error;

Shouldn't the type field for the second bus_release_resource be SYS_RES_MEMORY?  Would it cause a kernel panic if it were ever hit?  If it is a bug, it's probably been there for years.

-- Fritz Katz.


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