Mplayer not built with iconv

Henry Hu at
Wed Sep 3 11:28:02 UTC 2008


I've just recompiled mplayer, and I found that iconv support is missing.
The reason is that it cannot find iconv.h, since /usr/local/include is
not in the include paths.
I've found USE_ICONV=yes in Makefile.shared. But that just adds a LIB_DEPENDS.
The missing of iconv leads to missing of freetype, and ass/ssa
subtitles. So I think that /usr/local/include should be added to the
include paths at least when freetype is enabled. But I used to have
freetype enabled in mplayer. I don't know what has changed.

By the way, I've seen disable-sse3 in the Makefile. Is it necessary?

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