more on tovid/makexml/idvid and makedvd

tigner tigner at
Wed Oct 29 19:08:45 UTC 2008


Just another note on this package.

The makexml script attempts to test the dvdrw device as
a block device, when it is actually a character device. The 
test in makexml should be changed from -b to -c for makexml
to work.

The makedvd script will only run correctly as root. It uses
dvd+rw-mediainfo to probe the dvdrw device to check for
blank media and this only works from the root account
for some reason. I have the permissions set correctly on
/dev/cd0 but will only work if I do it from the root account
or as super user.

If I find more problems, I will report them as well. I tried
to report to the originators of tovid, but could not find
an email site. I wound up making a post on an IRC channel.

Barry A. Tigner
Electronics Shop manager
Physics and Astronomy department
Michigan State University
tigner at 

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