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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/128086 multimedia Add schroedinger (dirac) codec support for multimedia/
o ports/127672 multimedia multimedia/transcode won't compile with ImageMagick in
o ports/127468 multimedia [PATCH]audio/wavpack: update to 4.50.1
o kern/127131  multimedia [bktr] /usr/src/sys/dev/bktr/bktr_os.c, line 469: wron
o ports/127084 multimedia multimedia/linux-realplayer is vulnerable
o ports/126668 multimedia [patch] multimedia/ffmpeg - quick and dirty symbol bui
p kern/126217  multimedia [snd_hda] no snd_hda support for internal microphone f
f ports/126043 multimedia multimedia/ffmpeg: ffplay returns Undefined symbol "pt
o ports/126020 multimedia multimedia/transcode depends on wrong version of lzo
o ports/126019 multimedia multimedia/transcode patch revision
o ports/125900 multimedia audio/jack: Update to 0.109.2
p kern/125822  multimedia [snd_hda] [patch] Does not define the device: pcm0: <H
o kern/125756  multimedia [sound] [patch] cannot detect soft-modem on HDA bus
o ports/125519 multimedia www/gstreamer-plugins-neon will not install
o ports/124817 multimedia audio/gstreamer-plugins-spc include file name miss
f ports/124727 multimedia multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg 0.10.4_1 configure fails
p kern/124645  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda and SB600, speakers not deactivated 
f ports/124501 multimedia multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg version 0.10.4_1 compile f
o kern/124319  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Cannot record from second c
f ports/122922 multimedia [ patch ] multimedia/ffmpeg text output is mangled
o ports/122305 multimedia multimedia/gstreame - gst-inspect-0.10 hangs when chec
o kern/122086  multimedia [sound] maestro sound driver is working, but mixer ini
o ports/121662 multimedia graphics/libcaca - not bumped after imlib2 upgrade
o kern/121156  multimedia [sound]: [PATCH] Turn on inverted external amplifier s
o kern/120857  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] snd_emu10k1 driver issues a warning on u
o kern/120780  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda doesn't work on Dell Latitutude D530
p kern/120144  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda plays sound on all outputs
o kern/119973  multimedia [snd_maestro] snd_maestro only works after reload [reg
o kern/119931  multimedia [sound] No sound card detected on ASUS "K8V-X SE R2.00
o kern/119759  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] Can not record anything with emu10k1 on 
p kern/119671  multimedia [snd_hda] line is mic and mic is line on Fujitsu Sieme
p kern/119181  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda needs doesn't recognise headphones o
o ports/118289 multimedia port of multimedia/tovid only semi works on 6.2 Releas
o ports/118237 multimedia Ports: multimedia/ffmpeg fix configure option and add 
o ports/118168 multimedia [patch] multimedia/transcode - Add WITHOUT_X11 and WIT
p kern/117729  multimedia [snd_hda] microphone is not working with snd_hda on Fr
p kern/117599  multimedia [snd_hda] Audio routing problem NVIDIA MCP51 HDA
o kern/115666  multimedia [sound] Microphone does not work
o kern/115300  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda(4) fails to attach on -CURRENT [regr
o kern/114760  multimedia [snd_cmi] snd_cmi driver causing sporadic system hangs
s kern/113950  multimedia [sound] [patch] [request] add per-vchan mixer support
o kern/111767  multimedia [sound] ATI SB450 High Definition Audio Controller sou
o kern/107516  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] - skips, clicks and lag after a day of h
o kern/107051  multimedia [sound] only 2 channels output works for the ALC850 (o
o kern/104874  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] kldload snd_emu10k1 hangs system
o kern/104626  multimedia [sound] FreeBSD 6.2 does not support SoundBlaster Audi
o kern/101417  multimedia [sound] 4-speakers output not possible on Asus A8V-Del
o kern/100859  multimedia [snd_ich] snd_ich broken on GIGABYTE 915 system
o kern/98752   multimedia [sound] Intel ich6 82801 FB - on Packard Bell A8810 la
o kern/98504   multimedia [sound] Sound is distorted with SB Live 5.1
o kern/98496   multimedia [snd_ich] some functions don't work in my sound kernel
o kern/98167   multimedia [sound] [es137x] [patch] ES1370 mixer volumes incorrec
o kern/97609   multimedia [sound] Load Sound Module - VIA8233 - fails
o kern/97535   multimedia [snd_mss] doesn't work in 6.0-RELEASE and above for Cr
o kern/96538   multimedia [sound] emu10k1-driver inverts channels
o kern/95086   multimedia [sound] uaudio line in problem with sbdm lx
o kern/94279   multimedia [snd_neomagic] snd_neomagic crashes on FreeBSD 5.4 and
o kern/93986   multimedia [sound] Acer TravelMate 4652LMi pcm0 channel dead
o kern/92512   multimedia [sound] distorted mono output with emu10k1
o kern/87782   multimedia [sound] snd_t4dwave and pcm0:record:0: record interrup
s kern/83697   multimedia [snd_mss] [patch] support, docs added for full-duplex,
o kern/82043   multimedia [sound] snd_emu10k1 - mixer does not work.
o kern/81146   multimedia [sound] Sound isn't working AT ALL for Sis7012 onboard
o kern/80632   multimedia [sound] pcm driver missing support for CMI8738 auxilla
o kern/79912   multimedia [sound] sound broken for 2 VIA chipsets: interrupt sto
o kern/79905   multimedia [sound] sis7018 sound module problem
o kern/79678   multimedia [sound] sound works except recording from any source
f kern/72995   multimedia [sound] Intel ICH2 (82801BA) - sound nearly inaudible
o kern/63204   multimedia [sound] /dev/mixer broken with ESS Maestro-2E (still o
o kern/60677   multimedia [sound] [patch] No reaction of volume controy key on I
s kern/60599   multimedia [bktr] [partial patch] No sound for ATI TV Wonder (ste
o kern/37600   multimedia [sound] [partial patch] t4dwave drive doesn't record.
o kern/23546   multimedia [snd_csa] [patch] csa DMA-interrupt problem

73 problems total.

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