T61p microphone not working after snd_hda import

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Fri Oct 24 11:11:40 UTC 2008

Tobias Grosser wrote:
> I can not get my microphone working with the new snd_hda.

AD1981HD is the most specific HDA codec I have seen. It has very
specific mixer organization which can be configured in several different
ways and which present driver's logic unable to handle properly.
Previous driver's logic was so tangled, that I am surprised that it
worked sometimes. I your case it must be a luck. My mic for example was
not working.

I have no place to experiment with this codec, so if you would like to
help me with debugging we can try to do something with it.

> dmesg attached.

How have you made it so dirty? It is all shredded in peaces. I can't
read some parts. Can you remade it somehow? Add also hw.snd.verbose=4 to
the loader.conf to enable additional debugging messages.

> It seems I do not have a "mic" entry any more. My be it is renamed to
> monitor, but monitor also does not work.
> At least it seams that my microphone is connected to pcm0, but I can not
> find/enable it in mixer.

Driver names internal microphone as "monitor" and external as "mic". In
your case pin reports itself as both internal and external. I don't know
how it should work in this case. Probably there is some off-codec logic.

> Is there somewhere more documentation to understand snd_hda?

If you have read new snd_hda man page and this mail list archive then
probably only HDA specification. Code is now also more readable and

Alexander Motin

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