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Fri Oct 24 07:14:56 UTC 2008

Hi There

I have a Brooktree chipped card. It's got 4 video inputs.
I'm trying to record video, no audio from all 4 channels
of the card using mencoder. I use fxtv to display video
on the seperate channels. I get video on all of them. This
is the command I use

fxtv -disableDirectV -inputFormat paln -deviceNumber 0
fxtv -disableDirectV -inputFormat paln -deviceNumber 1
fxtv -disableDirectV -inputFormat paln -deviceNumber 2
fxtv -disableDirectV -inputFormat paln -deviceNumber 3

So i got video on all of them, but when I record using
mencoder I only get video on the first device. Device
(1,2 and 3) got no video(blue screen). But from fxtv
it works fine.

mencoder -tv
tv:// -o tv.avi -ovc lavc -nosound
mencoder -tv
tv:// -o tv.avi -ovc lavc -nosound
mencoder -tv
tv:// -o tv.avi -ovc lavc -nosound
mencoder -tv
tv:// -o tv.avi -ovc lavc -nosound

I have read the man pages for mencoder, but still no joy.
Its probally a syntax problem. Can anyone please help me.


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