ALSA support for linuxator - any ideas / progress ?

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Oct 1 11:41:17 UTC 2008

Quoting "Vladimir Grebenschikov" <vova at> (from Wed, 01 Oct 2008  
14:08:08 +0400):

> Hi
> As far as we have working flash player under linuxator (see "firefox &
> flash9 patches" thread in emulation@) it will be nice to have sound
> here.
> So far flashplayer9 just complains about no ALSA devices:
> ...

> Probably anyone have ideas how to make linux ALSA applications to  
> work under FreeBSD ?
> some obvious ideas here:
> - provide fake, OSS-backended libalsa (probably there is such beast  
> on Linux ?)

AFAIK there's no such thing on Linux. The openosund developers had a  
fake libalsa, but it was just a minimal one, and they dont't really  
maintain it.

> - port ALSA framework on FreeBSD (looks complex, but there was such  
> talks about this in lists)

There was just some talk to get the OSS libalsa working... but only  
talk, no code. So just assume there's nothing.

> - something else ?

There's a flash9 add-on which uses OSS instead of ALSA  
( in the linux-flashplugin9 port). It should work.  
If not someone should have a look at what's going on there.


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