TV Tuner Card

Markus Rechberger mrechberger at
Wed Mar 19 23:37:21 UTC 2008

> > I will start to work on moving the Empiatech drivers to BSD as soon as
> > I'm done with the most popular devices for Linux. As for the Hybrid
> > devices Empia has quite a few new devices in the pipeline, and I'm
> > going to work for them from next month on.
> > Although the BSD project will remain a private project for me.
> Well, thanks for sharing that much :) I reckon you mean that you want to
> privately develop and at some point make a public release, no?

"in private" - not as a company goal (at least for now), so whoever is
interested is invited to join.
I'll try to make all specs available to the participating people. I
know the mess which is going on in the Linux world (it's also some
kind of ego game there), since there's nothing real available for BSD
I can point out to some considerations at least.


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