Noatun and Kaboodle Skips

panix panix panixgr at
Fri Mar 14 08:01:39 UTC 2008

Sorry for the cross posting, but i found the original
msg in -questions while the appropriate list i think
would be -multimedia.

I have the exact symptoms with E. J. Cerejo.
One can easily abandon noatun, kaboodle and run any
other player around (anything else i tried seem to
work fine, totem, amarok,mpg123,mpg321,etc...), but
noatun is the default player, and any non technical
users (children/wifes) using FreeBSD home machines
face problems playing sound thus creating a negative
feeling about the system.

Here is my bug report from, notice how the
problem can be twicked around when running both
noatun, kaboodle at the same time.

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