Edirol UA-25 USB (ext)Audio/sound card; FreeBSD7.0-Release ; no sound

Rick Nekus solarux at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 20:42:45 UTC 2008

Hi all,
UA-25 switches:
Advanced -> off
sample rate -> 44.1
limiter -> off
phantom rate +48V -> off
Play/Rec -> Play
Digital in -> off
on a
Asus P5B-Premium MB,...
-there is no sound "mixer" when freebsd is installed; which makes sense since this is a hardware/user
controlled sound device. However, using the Direct monitor vol. control and a mic I get sound,? -which maybe is only because of the audio loop-back that permits this. ? (because it gets power from USB circuit).
anyway, I'm no audiofile but this thing looked very promising as an all around audio capture/midi/... card.
I bought it because according to "google" this would probably work fine (in unix/linux/BSD).
"take google with a grain of salt you say" ?
ya :)
I tried the OSS drivers, as well as so far exhausted the;
there's also an ALSA wiki(i forgot now) showing a too easy setup, umm, has anyone successfully got this Roland/Edirol device working successfully in FreeBSD7, is it one of my above switch settings?, do I now need a specific ALSA driver port installed,...?
-becuase its an (ext) USB sound device I enabled/disabled my onboard sound card, but it still didn't matter. ?
sorry for so many questions, I'm no pro audiofile yet ;) -just havin' fun
thanks again.

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