Driver for Asus P7131 and other SAA-based cards ? (was Re: kbtv2 sound saa.c -- And BETA3 available)

Danny Pansters danny at
Tue Mar 4 22:33:03 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 04 March 2008 21:51:42 you wrote:
> if i can start from something more than kmod-saa (which does not
> seem to have dvb support, and in this specific case does not
> even find the tuner).

Forgot to mention: saa kld does not do tuning at all, tuning is supposed to be 
done directly on the iic device (e.g. in the backend, also examples in the 
support directory of the saa source).

One possibility to really push the driver beyond analog might be to cont[r]act 
Rohit. The saa driver has been used in a commercial product. It's not 
something to easily discard, and probably a pretty nice reference 
implementation of the traditional 5-CVBS TV card design. I think Rohit just 
moved on to another job or something but it may be worth trying. Clearly he's 
very competent (and friendly too). I stopped communicating with him a few 
months after first starting to integrate saa support into kbtv1, because he 
stopped answering. Didn't want to be pushy. BTW, it was Rohit who urged me to 
start using SDL, which indeed is fantastic.


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