Handling of newly attached pcm devices (eg. via uaudio)

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Thu Jan 31 05:29:12 PST 2008

| By Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at Leidinger.net>
|                                          [ 2008-01-31 15:19 +0200 ]
> activated by default. So whatever you submit as a PR should contain  
> something which has a look at rc.conf (and the other config files) and  
> only do something if it is explicitly activated there.

Glad I thought of that then.  Already part of what I've written. :)  In my
implementation I have 'pcm_defaulthot="YES"' in my rc.conf to enable it.

> It should also  
> be able to not fail if the attached device is the only sound device  
> (so on removal of the only sound device, it should not fall on the  
> nose or spit out a lot of messages).

I don't think that will be problem.


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