Philips SAA7130

Danny Pansters danny at
Sun Jan 20 16:56:28 PST 2008

You guys should learn to google.

The saa driver from (google) supports the saa713x a/V capture (it's 
example tuning support is somewhat lacking, see for example the philips 
datasheets (again, google) to make it work better.

Saa is supported (and driver included) in multimedia/kbtv and will also be 
supported in kbtv2 which will be released for testing soon.


On Sunday 20 January 2008 06:51:51 Da Rock wrote:
> I've been still trying to get my AverMedia Hybrid PCMCIA card to work, but
> I don't think its coming anytime soon. Trouble is I've been trying to use
> the linux compat but I haven't got any answer on how, I've asked about how
> to build a driver (so I might be able to use linux compat and use the
> drivers from there) but got no answer- I reckon for the new tv cards you
> might need to go to linux. There are current linux drivers available for
> Avermedia at but I can't get them to work on bsd unfortunately.
> I'd like to get it to work on bsd, but I keep coming up blanks and it seems
> beyond my skills to build a driver for it. Currently I'm using fc8 to run
> my multimedia, and I'll use bsd on my servers. Seems to be the only way
> atm, but I will be watching...
> > Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 21:39:30 +0100> From: Ladislav.Ardo at> To:
> > freebsd at> CC: freebsd-multimedia at>
> > Subject: Re: Philips SAA7130> > Dieter wrote:> >>> please, supports
> > FreeBSD chipset Philips SAA7130 (in TV tuners) ???> >>> exactly a TV card
> > AverMedia AverTV GO 007 ?> >>>> >>> thank you :-)> >>>> >> I have Philips
> > SAA7135hl ENLTV TV/Radio Tuner and I've been waiting for > >> its support
> > for 3 years. I recollect that someone have promised to work > >> on it
> > one day but I haven't heard about any progress since. :(> >> > Have you
> > found datasheets for the chips?> I don't mean to come over as a strange
> > person by saying this (a bad > habit) - but - typing "Philips SAA7130
> > datasheet" into google returns > data sheet in pds format for SAA7130 in
> > first, second and following hits.> > peace,> -laco.>
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