Writing BSD device drivers (was: Re: Philips SAA7130 )

Dieter freebsd at sopwith.solgatos.com
Sun Jan 20 14:58:13 PST 2008

[ -drivers added ]

> I've been still trying to get my AverMedia Hybrid PCMCIA card to work, but =
> I don't think its coming anytime soon. Trouble is I've been trying to use t=
> he linux compat but I haven't got any answer on how, I've asked about how t=
> o build a driver (so I might be able to use linux compat and use the driver=
> s from there) but got no answer- I reckon for the new tv cards you might ne=
> ed to go to linux. There are current linux drivers available for Avermedia =
> at linuxtv.org but I can't get them to work on bsd unfortunately. I'd like =
> to get it to work on bsd, but I keep coming up blanks and it seems beyond m=
> y skills to build a driver for it.
> Currently I'm using fc8 to run my multimedia, and I'll use bsd on my server=
> s. Seems to be the only way atm, but I will be watching...

NetBSD has a Device Driver Writing Guide:


Also, see the 'FreeBSD Kernel "Newbies"' thread in


I am not a FreeBSD device driver writing wizard, but I gather the usual
method is not to port a linux driver (due to massive differences between the
linux kernel and the *BSD kernels, and also due to concerns with the quality
of linux code), but to write a new driver.  Data sheets and linux driver source
are useful for learning how the device works.

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