7.0RC1 I386 - Sound not initialized when statically compiled into Kernel

Remko Lodder remko at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 14 13:01:05 PST 2008

Jeff Isaac wrote:
> Dear I386 List,
> Please forgive me if there would have been a better place to post this,
> but I was not sure...
> I have been hjaving problems getting my machine to inistialize the sound
> syustem at boot time when it is statically compiled into the kernel. I
> have added
> device sound
> device snd_ich
> to my kernel config and recompiled a couple of times - which the manual
> seems to hint is all I needed to do - but the sound kernel module is not
> loaded at startup. I have also attempted
> device snd
> since the sound man page seemed to suggest that the [device sound /
> snd_*] prefixes were going to be standardized. Again, the kernel
> compiles with these options but when installed, does not start the sound
> subsystem. I have been manually starting it via kldload, and finally
> included it in my loader.conf for now - which works fine - but I would
> prefer to have this compiled into the kernel. I am pretty sure this was
> all I needed under 6.1 when I had it on this machine some time ago, but
> it's been so long that I can't remember whether there was another line
> in the config.
> Also, this may be related, but when compiling, the whole process runs
> and I get the three line banner stating that kernel compilation is
> complete. However, after that message, make tells me that it "does not
> know how to compile QSKERNEL" (QSKERNEL being the name of my kernel). It
> spits out a similar warning after it completes installation. Is this
> significant? Am I not actually installing the patched kernels? or is
> this just an untidy finish that make spits out by default?
> Thanks very much for your help!
> ~ Jeff


this belongs on the multimedia list; sending this to -i386 to finish 
this tread, and sending it to multimedia to initialize it there.


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