Kbtv2 beta2 uploaded

Dieter freebsd at sopwith.solgatos.com
Sat Feb 23 02:17:14 UTC 2008

> > > Your card seems to have a microtune tuner mt2050 which is not yet
> > > supported by the saa backend. I'm looking into it. Unfortunately it
> > > differs from the other generic tuner APIs for saa in that tuning and init
> > > are to be handled differently (mt2032 is supported by bktr, so I can peek
> > > there). THis is an important tuner to have support for though for several
> > > reasons:
> > >
> > > - it's on a chip, not in a large chunky metal enclosure
> >
> > I have read that the very small USB tuners don't perform as well as the
> > "large chunky metal enclosure", because some features were left out.

> Well, they don't have an mpeg encoder chip, but neither do the old fashioned 
> analog TV cards. Of course, supporting that A/V decoder is another matter. 
> But so is supporting an onboard mpeg encoder.
> They seem to use empia chipsets almost exclusively, the variant without 
> onboard MPEG encoder is called the "blackbird" design IIRC.

No, I mean the reception performance, not mpeg features.  The "big" metal cans
supposedly have better RF filtering.  Keeping the undesired frequencies out
is important.

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