Kbtv2 beta2 uploaded

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Sat Feb 23 01:10:59 UTC 2008

On Saturday 23 February 2008 01:56:29 Danny Pansters wrote:
> On Friday 22 February 2008 17:46:42 Dieter wrote:
> > > Your card seems to have a microtune tuner mt2050 which is not yet
> > > supported by the saa backend. I'm looking into it. Unfortunately it
> > > differs from the other generic tuner APIs for saa in that tuning and
> > > init are to be handled differently (mt2032 is supported by bktr, so I
> > > can peek there). THis is an important tuner to have support for though
> > > for several reasons:
> > >
> > > - it's on a chip, not in a large chunky metal enclosure
> >
> > I have read that the very small USB tuners don't perform as well as the
> > "large chunky metal enclosure", because some features were left out.
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> Well, they don't have an mpeg encoder chip, but neither do the old
> fashioned analog TV cards. Of course, supporting that A/V decoder is
> another matter. But so is supporting an onboard mpeg encoder.


And a ATSC or DVB-n dedicated chip that makes the output be a transport 
stream. So in this case that is similar to the encoder step that you have 
with, e.g. a PVR 150. It may be that those chips underperform, I don't know.

For analog though, it will probably work fine (the existing kbtv backends use 
very little CPU if using accelerated HW, and there's not any remarkable 
difference between the bktr and saa backend viewers that use the 
conventional "mmap YUV pixels" and the cxm (PVR) backend which is just a 
mpeg2 elementary stream player, 99% equal to ffplay. It creams mplayer 
though ;-P

Neither need much CPU on FreeBSD, even on non-accelarated platforms such as 
amd64 I'd still guess (based on kbtv1 testing about a year ago), that under 
KDE and normal usage WCPU for kbtv (1 or 2) will be ~20% and that's way less 
than say, amarok. Or any TV app for windows vista I would venture to guess.

> They seem to use empia chipsets almost exclusively, the variant without
> onboard MPEG encoder is called the "blackbird" design IIRC.
> Dan



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