Reccoding video for security application

Olivier Nicole on at
Thu Feb 14 22:22:37 PST 2008

> > I have a bktr848 video capture card in the machine and I would like to
> > reccord video and save it in a decent format (something that could
> > easily be played on most movie player on Windows and X, xvid, mpeg,
> > etc.) in the full 640x480 resolution.
> > 
> > I have been playing around with fxtv and dtv and transcode and...
> 	Try ffmpeg - I used it as a VCR for a long time, mencoder should
> also work well and provides the very low CPU option of using nuv
> (Nuppelvideo) format recording.

I tries ffmpeg, but it core dumps both on /dev/bktr and on the file
reccorded with dtv.

Mencode has so many options, I don't know how to run it.

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