Multimedia/player: negative side-effect of PR ports/119593?

Dieter freebsd at
Tue Feb 5 17:59:35 PST 2008

> > But is it actually using gcc 4.2.3 or is it finding some other
> > version?
> How can I tell? I'm not familiar enough with the ports framework to
> tell which version it uses.

> > If you run "gcc -v" does it say 4.2.3 ?
> This test isn't correct, because it just finds the system
> compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) which is gcc 3.4.6:

So, if ports is using your $PATH, it is finding gcc 3.4.6.

Easy enough to test:

mkdir /var/tmp/1stbin
echo "echo ports is using PATH" > /var/tmp/1stbin/gcc
chmod 755 /var/tmp/1stbin/gcc

And then try rebuilding.  If it does the echo you know it is
using $PATH, so either rearrange your $PATH so that the gcc you
want is first, or change the 1stbin/gcc to be a symlink to the
gcc you want.

If it doesn't do the echo, then it is using something else to find gcc.
IIRC it uses PATH, but it has been awhile.

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