Freecom DVB-T channel scan crashes kaffeine

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Tue Feb 5 03:52:56 PST 2008

Raaf wrote:
> It's called Typhony, i put it on the website today:

It works. Thank you.

Compiling scan, make failed since "-include $(wildcard *.d) dummy" is 
invalid as a line in dvbusb/app/scan/Makefile on its own.

Moreover, I got the following warning from Typhony (Import Channels):

4 invalid channels found:

02 [NDR FS HH conflicts with NDR FS NDS *] NDR FS 
03 [NDR FS SH * conflicts with NDR FS NDS *] NDR FS SH 
04 [NDR FS MVP * conflicts with NDR FS NDS *] NDR FS MVP 
27 [duplicate pids] tvtv 

As a consequence, I cannot access those channels. I do not know what 27 
(tvtv) is, but I know that we have 02, 03, and 04.

I often get "dvb dvr read timeout" after double clicking on a channel. 
Usually it works again after "Stop" and "Play". Is that expected?

> If you prefer to use Kaffeine you can portdowngrade Kaffeine to version 0.8.4
> or try to debug it yourself.

Maybe I will try to do that later. Since I have never debugged on 
FreeBSD before, that will take some time to learn.

Are the messages from dvbusb I mentioned before expected using Kaffeine?
   dvbusb_usb_get_packets: Warning discarded 180 unknown bytes
   discontinuity for pid: 17 expected: 2 got: 8

Jan Henrik

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