No s/pdif out with envy24ht driver

Jim Wampler jwampler at
Mon Feb 4 20:18:57 PST 2008

I have a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space audio card in my system running
FreeBSD 6.3-Release (last rebuilt 1/22).  I load the driver via
snd_envy24ht_load="YES" in loader.conf.  Here's the output in dmesg:

pcm0: <Envy24HT audio (Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space)> port 0xec00-0xec1f,0xe880-0xe8ff irq 16 at device 8.0 on pci0
pcm0: system configuration
  SubVendorID: 0x153b, SubDeviceID: 0x1145
  XIN2 Clock Source: 24.576MHz(96kHz*256)
  MPU-401 UART(s) #: not implemented
  ADC #: 1 and SPDIF receiver connected
  DAC #: 4
  Multi-track converter type: I2S(with volume, 192KHz support, 24bit resolution, ID#0x4)
  S/PDIF(IN/OUT): 1/1 ID# 0x00
  GPIO(mask/dir/state): 0x21efff/0x5e1000/0x7fffff

The analog out works fine and sounds good.  The problem is there is no
sound via the optical s/pdif-out.  The motherboard has built-in HDA
sound, which I tried, but Ariff Abdullah's HDA driver does not support
s/pdif.  In that case my DAC does not lock on a signal, as expected.
In the case of the envy24ht driver the DAC does see a signal and does
lock, but does not appear to have any data to decode - at least
there's no sound.  I've confirmed that the DAC works by sending it
signal from the s/pdif out of my CD player.

The mixer shows this:

ecstasy# mixer
Mixer vol      is currently set to  95:95
Mixer treble   is currently set to   0:0
Mixer synth    is currently set to   0:0
Mixer pcm      is currently set to 100:100
Mixer speaker  is currently set to   0:0
Mixer line     is currently set to 100:100
Mixer mic      is currently set to   0:0
Mixer cd       is currently set to   0:0
Mixer mix      is currently set to   0:0
Recording source: mic

During boot I see this message six times:
"mixer: WRITE_MIXER: Device not configured"

I also see this message if I try to adjust any device except vol,
pcm, and speaker:

ecstasy# mixer synth +100
Setting the mixer synth from 0:0 to 100:100.
mixer: WRITE_MIXER: Device not configured

So, is there some incantation that I'm missing which will turn on the
s/pdif out, or is it actually not supported by the envy24ht driver?

The one explanation I've been able to imagine is the s/pdif output
is 24 bit and my DAC handles only 16 bit.  The audio sources are
mp3 or DVDs, so I'd expect 16 bit output since the envy24 is bit

Any clues gratefully accepted.


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