Not capturing sound

Dan Kelley ariesgeek at
Sat Feb 2 18:18:24 PST 2008

Good evening all.

Long-time FreeBSD user since 1997-ish.  Been away from FreeBSD for a while.
I've always used it as a server, never tried as a workstation, so bear with
me if I sound a bit dumb .

Here's the problem.  Audacity won't record anything from the mic.  I know
the mic works because if I go to volume and turn it up I get feedback, can
hear what's going on, etc.

So when I go into Monitor mode, for example, and even  crank up the volume,
nothing happens.  Same for recording.

Suggestions?  Sorry if I sound a bit dumb.  You wanna talk kernel hacking
I'm your guy, but I'm pretty dumb about this kinda thing.

Thanks in advance!

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