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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Fri Feb 1 05:00:58 PST 2008

Storistes de France wrote multimedia at 1 Feb 2008 11:04:55 +0100:
>    Storistes de France is currently looking for English Corrections
>    Officer. We currently need three english corrections officer, someone
>    who can edit our customer service messages and correct errors in our
>    english customer service messages.
>    This is an opportunity is open to anyone who know how to write english
>    without errors and someone who can correct mistakes/errors in English
>    Language and we also need someone who will be working as our agent.
>    You are required to work for one hour daily by checking your email for
>    our customer service message and edit it because of correction and
>    other english errors.
>    - Applicants must be living in USA,Canada or Australia.
>    - Applicants must be high school or vocational high school graduates.
>    - Above 18 years old.
>    - Confident computer skills.
>    - Applicants must be avaliable to check his/her e-mail messages
>    between 7am - 12noon.
>    - Good working relationship with new people.
>    - Required to be online at least 1-3hours and 2 days per week.
>    - Speedy career progress
>    - High earnings plus performance results bonus.
>    - A Personal Toshiba Laptop.
>    - Weekly payment of $250.00.
>    - Monthly Salary : Starting from $10,000 - $55,000.00.
>    **** To apply please send your CV/Resume to our email:
>    storistes at
>    Milla Cole
>    Storistes de France
>    Website:
> _______________________________________________
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Is this spam, a financial con, a spoof, or wrong address ?
- Nothing to do with FreeBSD or multimedia
- It's not April 1st, but Feb. 1st.
- A French company quoting in dollars not Euros.
- Seems to sell bay windows & garage doors.
- Seems to think the English can't correct in English, only ex colonies.
  ( I, English, would not say only French ex colonies can correct in French )
- Flash crippled.
- External sites: A customer of Storistes de France dis-satified (in French):

Julian Stacey.  BSD Unix Linux Net Consultant, Munich.

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