A new multimedia/mplayer?

Juergen Lock nox at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Tue Dec 16 14:53:47 PST 2008

In article <786602c60811180032h673b099fod01248f06204cc6c at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 08:44, bf <bf2006a at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> In a recent discussion on the mplayer
>> mailing lists, developers said that they were unlikely to release a new
>> tarball anytime soon ( but if you know differently, please let us know), and
>> that they recommended that everyone who was able to should use a more recent
>> svn snapshot.  Can we therefore switch multimedia/mplayer to a recent svn
>> snapshot, to take advantage of the many bugfixes and improvements in svn?
>I am quite reluctant to have snapshot-only-versions in the ports tree,
>but of course I do see your point. It would be really desirable to
>have some kind of release engineering at the mplayer development
>front. But if there is no intent on their side to ever do that, we
>might need to switch to a semi-predictable/regular cycle of update our
>ports tree to snapshots to make features (and more importantly
>security fixes) accessible to the users.
>However, I would appreciate some comments from the list subscribers
>regarding this issue.
>Should we
>1) use svn snapshots of mplayer and update them every n weeks/months ?

Going after what I read on the mplayer list, it seems we want to do this.

>2) stick with 1.0rc2 + security patches until rc3 is released,
>whenever that may be?
>3) ...

 Or maybe you could keep the current mplayer port, repocopy it to
mplayer-devel and then update that to snapshot(s)?  (similar to
what I did with qemu, except for that fact that qemu upstream never
wanted to stop doing releases, its just the tcg conversion that took
a while...)

 My $.02, :)

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