FreeBSD as a HTPC!

martinko gamato at
Mon Dec 1 14:34:03 PST 2008

eculp wrote:
> Quoting Anders Troback <freebsd at>:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for a HTPC application for FreeBSD!
>> Is there anyone out there that are using FreeBSD as a HTPC? If yes,
>> what are you using to make this happen?
> First I assume that we are talking about a Home Theater Personal 
> Computer.  I guess most of us use our PC's laptops with FreeBSD to 
> listen to music and watch DVD's etc.  My first would have to be what 
> does/would constitute a real HTPC?  Are there any minimal guidelines?
> I apologize for my ignorance,
> ed

Well, one of the issues I can see is that HTPC is supposed to get 
connected to a big LCD (either monitor or maybe even better TV) and be a 
source of HDTV signal.  But FreeBSD and have issues with modern 
video acceleration and also OpenGL (for other tasks) on modern video 
cards. :-/

Another issue is digital sound output using S/PDIF. :(


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