Soundcard with SPDIF input?

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at
Tue Apr 29 10:08:21 UTC 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 06:29:53PM -0400, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> Is there a soundcard that has a SPDIF input that works under FreeBSD?
> SPDIF in is sometimes hard to get.  Some units have SPDIF but it only
> works for out.
> USB preferred.  Haha, nice one :-) Really, any format, I'd dig out my
> ISA boards if required.

FWIW, spdif _output_ works with built-in AC'97 codecs (I have
via8237) when using audio/oss drivers from ports. You might get
lucky if you check the motherboards you have and get the
necessary connectors if needed. One of my ~$60 motherboards had
optical input and output.

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