pvr-xxx on 7.0

usleepless at gmail.com usleepless at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 15:05:18 UTC 2008

>  the port from http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port.tgz automagically
>  downloads all the firmware stuff, but I believe you need to run "make makesum"
>  because the distinfo file is out of date.

the port is updated @  http://usleepless.110mb.com/pvrxxx_port.tgz

- should build flawless on 7.0
- now unloads firmware-kld-modules
- "make makesum" should not be necessary
- should be able to switch back from svga/composite to tuner
- added 3:2 pulldown control in pvr250-setchannel to see if it makes a
difference for anybody

i observed something strange on 7.0 with this driver. mplayer is now
able to sync a/v properly when doing "mplayer /dev/cxm0". i would like
to hear from others about this.



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