7.0R / snd_hda [20071129_0050] && recording not working [SOLVED]

Matthias Apitz guru at Sisis.de
Mon Apr 7 09:06:08 UTC 2008

El día Sunday, April 06, 2008 a las 06:53:15PM +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> Hello,
> Ok, I have updated this weekend the laptop of my wife to FreeBSD 7.0-REL
> which brings snd_hda [20071129_0050]; all is working fine with sound,
> but no recording can be done; what can I do? is there some document
> describing the various hint.pcm.0.config=XXX config parameters mentioned
> in snd_hda(4)? thanks in advance for some helping hand
> I'm attaching debug.bootverbose messages and /dev/sndstat;
> 	matthias


After spending hours of testing with no luck the config parameters
mentioned in the snd_hda(4) manpage, I've just set in userland after KDE
comes up:

$ mixer vol 66:66 pcm 40:40 speaker 66:66 line 66:66 mic 66:66 rec 66:66 +rec vol

the crucial part is '+rec vol' changing the recording device to 'vol'
and recording is now fine with this, even if I never ever will understand
what 'volume' has todo with input/microphone :-)


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