PVR-250 on freebsd 7.0-release

Jeff jeff at doeshosting.com
Thu Apr 3 22:54:41 UTC 2008

>>  Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately it did not change the  
>> result.
>> Same error, same entry in syslog.
> have you tried capturing using the tuner?
> regards,
> usleep

Yes, here is how that went:
[root at nfs ~]# cat /dev/cxm0 > test.mpg
cat: /dev/cxm0: Device not configured
Apr  3 09:59:20 nfs kernel: cxm0: video decoder isn't locked

I decided to run trace on pvr250-setchannel,

ktrace pvr250-setchannel -g 720x480 -s
kdump -f ktrace.out

I believe this is the relevant part, but what it is saying and how to  
fix is over my head:

83386 pvr250-setchannel CALL  open(0x804915a,O_RDONLY,<unused>0x804914f)
  83386 pvr250-setchannel NAMI  "/dev/cxm0"
  83386 pvr250-setchannel RET   open 3
  83386 pvr250-setchannel CALL  ioctl(0x3,SERIAL_SETINVCLK,0xbfbfe8b4)
  83386 pvr250-setchannel RET   ioctl -1 errno 22 Invalid argument
  83386 pvr250-setchannel CALL  writev(0x2,0xbfbfe84c,0x4)
  83386 pvr250-setchannel GIO   fd 2 wrote 53 bytes
        "ioctl( tfd, METEORSINPUT ) failed.: Invalid argument

I put the whole dump online at: http://www.ircpimps.org/fbsd7-pvr250- 


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