Today's ports/multimedia/vlc version bump is broken

Jon Tibble meths at
Thu Apr 3 19:17:10 UTC 2008


The patches in files/ fail to apply to vlc-0.8.6f,2 so portupgrade just 
bails out.

4 out of 4 hunks failed--saving rejects to include/vlc_threads_funcs.h.rej
=> Patch patch-include-vlc_threads_funcs.h failed to apply cleanly

A quick look at that patch and the next (which also fails 2 out of 2 
hunks) suggests they are no longer required as the original code doesn't 
have the lines that required cast changes or the function has been 
changed but it needs someone familiar with that code to test that theory.

Successfully compile and install tested (via portupgrade) after removing 
those two patches:



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