Missey Streaming Server 3.9.4 Released.

Deng XueFeng dengxf at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 00:25:48 PDT 2007

Hi, I am happy to announce that MSS 3.9.4 has been released.
Please Download from http://mss.microvideo.cn/
then read docs/INSTALL. :-)

What is MSS?
MSS is a hign performance Streaming Server which run on FreeBSD and 
compatible with windows 2003 media service. It implement most of WMS's feature. 

Operating System: FreeBSD 6.x 
Hardware: x86 compatible CPU, and support SSE. 
Depend Package: libiconv

1. Storage Service
Support Saving streaming data from the encoder. 
Suport three method limit: size limit, time limit, Punctuality time limit. 
Support specified filename format. item include base name, group name, year, month of year, day of month, hours, minutes, seconds, each item can be used more than once, also can add subdir '/' 
Support specified save type: 1. force save, 2. force no save, 3. encoder specified custom save. 
Support more than one live streaming upload, max limited to 128. 
Support forward streaming data to streaming service while saving, which make user can view the live streaming with no delay 
Support specified ip(if server have more than one IP) and port 
2. Streaming Service
Support normal streaming service. 
Support http / rtsp (rtsp disabled in 3.x temporary) streaming protocol 
Support fast / normal / slow playing. 
Support server side playlist, similary to smil. 
Support playlist session 
Support faststart, the faststart bandwidth and duration can be specefied. 
Support fastcache, the fastcache speed can be specefied. 
Support cacheproxy, fastcache and cacheproxy can make user do not redownload the pre-recorded streaming data 
Support specified expire time when enable fastcache or cacheproxy. 
Support speficed video message instead the HEX code when meet error. 
Support specified living streaming delay time. 
Support specified ip(if server have more than one IP) and port 
Support specified LRU cache size for prerecorded files. 
Support specified io and session timeout. 
Support specified worker thread, depends on your server side performance need. 
Support user specified plugin. 
Support realtime pulling a streaming from another server and set it as a live streaming. which can reduce the the bandwidth over two network. 
Support specified idle time for a pulling streaming. 
Support user stop the pulling streaming via web. 
3. Admin Service
Support start / stop / check status about storage services, streaming services one or both via web. 
Support get all service's configure file via web. 
Support get current living streaming's (one or both in any type live streaming) name via web. 
Support set various services configure via web. 
Support get current various services' stats via web. 
Support get file list about the saved data, or make a file query with specified key. 
4. Other
Support specified max live streaming can be upload to mss. 
Support specified max client at one time. 
Support specified max bandwidth that can be use. 
Support I18N charset. 

Deng XueFeng <dengxf at gmail.com>

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