[patch] multimedia/kmplayer update to 0.9.4a

Mel fbsd.multimedia at rachie.is-a-geek.net
Tue Sep 4 12:31:50 PDT 2007


sorry to intrude, but...

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 20:14:21 Pawel Pekala wrote:

> -###
> -## Lib Detection
> -###
> -# gstreamer
> -.if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libgstplay-0.8.so)
> -.endif
> -# xine
> -.if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libxine.so)
> -WITH_XINE=yes
> -.endif

Is it really necessary to do this automagical detection without user-override? 
It happens frequently that I try some library for a few days/weeks, in 
between ports get upgraded and uninstalling that library suddenly reports 10 
more dependencies.
Would be nice if these constructs were at least created as:
.if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libgstplay-0.8.so) && !defined(WITHOUT_GSTREAMER)


People using reply to all on lists, must think I need 2 copies.

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