master volume strangeness in 7.0-BETA1

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at
Thu Oct 25 03:35:32 PDT 2007

I upgraded to 7.0-BETA1 this week.

master volume does not work as expected:

envy24: I can't hear any difference between mixer vol 100 and mixer vol 50. 
Below 50 there's actually a volume change.

via8233: mixer vol doesn't have any effect at all.

I've been using envy24 in 6.2 for quite some time where it works as expected.

I've never used the via8233 driver in 6.2, so I can't tell if it works 
correctly there.

$ dmesg | grep pcm
pcm0: <Envy24 audio (M Audio Audiophile 2496)> port 
0xd400-0xd41f,0xd000-0xd00f,0xb800-0xb80f,0xb400-0xb43f irq 16 at device 13.0 
on pci0
pcm0: [ITHREAD]
pcm0: system configuration
pcm1: <VIA VT8235> port 0xe000-0xe0ff at device 17.5 on pci0
pcm1: [ITHREAD]
pcm1: <Analog Devices AD1980 AC97 Codec>
pcm1: <VIA DXS Enabled: DXS 4 / SGD 1 / REC 1>

$ sysctl hw.snd
hw.snd.latency_profile: 1
hw.snd.latency: 5
hw.snd.report_soft_formats: 1
hw.snd.compat_linux_mmap: 0
hw.snd.feeder_buffersize: 16384
hw.snd.feeder_rate_round: 25
hw.snd.feeder_rate_max: 2016000
hw.snd.feeder_rate_min: 1
hw.snd.verbose: 1
hw.snd.maxautovchans: 0
hw.snd.default_unit: 0
hw.snd.version: 2007061600/i386
hw.snd.default_auto: 0

$ cat /dev/sndstat 
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 32bit 2007061600/i386)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <Envy24 audio (M Audio Audiophile 2496)> at io 
0xd400:32,0xd000:16,0xb800:16,0xb400:64 irq 16 [MPSAFE] (5p:0v/3r:0v channels 
duplex default)
pcm1: <VIA VT8235> at io 0xe000 irq 22 kld snd_via8233 [MPSAFE] (5p:0v/1r:0v 
channels duplex)

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