FreeBSD Support ? and Jmicron (jmb363) PATA/SATA controller

Rick Nekus solarux at
Sat Oct 13 09:30:57 PDT 2007

   c/o: Ethan(Jmicron), and freebsd-multimedia;freebsd-drivers :

   -Thanks Ethan again, for your reply,

    I'm forwarding this to the FreeBSD folks as a polite heads up for
   their developers' in hopes we may eventually resolve this.

   -I'm sorry, I don't have a detailed "dmesg",... in regards. I'm trying
   some other tests right now, but I'll try n' get some output, short of
   sending the Box down there. -But heck, I'll do that too if need be. :)


     From: ethanhsiao at
     To: solarux at
     CC: sales at, fae at
     Subject: RE: FreeBSD Support ?
     Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 13:30:03 +0800

   Dear Sir,

              Thanks for your suggestion.

              The AHCI driver of FreeBSD 6.2-S still seems to have some
   problems to detect SATA DVD/CD drive.

              The ICH* (AHCI mode) has the same problem too.

              Many Linux Distributions already support JMB36x like Fedora
   Core 7, OpenSuSE 10.2, Ubuntu 6.10, and Mandriva 2007.1 etc

   Best Regards,
   Ethan Hsiao


   From: Rick Nekus [mailto:solarux at]
   Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 11:00 PM
   To: fae; sales
   Cc: solarux at
   Subject: FreeBSD Support ?


   You mentioned on your site that Jmicron works with FreeBSD 5.5 and

   I am using FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE (with latest updates...)


   Asus P5B-Premium Vista Edition.

   -JMB363 sata/pata chipset

   Pioneer "Sata" DVD (Model DVR-212D) Drive (using AHCI mode) connected

   to the JMB363 satra controller port.

   I have the SATA (hard)drives connected on the Intel ICH8R ports

   (they are non-raided in AHCI mode, and I can install freebsd via ftp

   but not by DVD/CD drive if its connected to the JMB363 Sata port.

   In either case, with even the lateset FreeBSD kernel , patches,....

   its doesn't even see a /dev/dvd. unfrotunately, this is unacceptable.

   -This same above problems happens with "many" Linux Distributions,
   (DVD/CD boots but then the system cannot install becuase the
   installer,... cannot "see" the DVD drive anymore?)

   however, one distro that worked fine recognizing the DVD drive
   connected on jmb363 port is

   "Sabayon Linux 3.4f "

    In any case, as you may well know, there are a lot of other people
   having the same problems

   (just google "jmicron freebsd").

   Can some of your development/driver team work closely with the FreeBSD
   Driver Development team to fix this universal Linux/FreeBSD issue ?





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