still audio hiccups

Ian Smith smithi at
Mon May 21 14:17:32 UTC 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007, Ariff Abdullah wrote:
 > On Mon, 21 May 2007 14:46:28 +0200 (CEST)
 > Martin Dieringer <martin.dieringer at> wrote:
 > > It seems to work now if I set debug.cpufreq.lowest=450, with 
 > > freq=300 and below there are still hiccups.
 > > (I can live with cpu.freq above 450.)
 > > 
 > > It doesn't matter if powerd is running, just seems to depend on
 > > actual cpu frequency.
 > > 
 > > I didn't reboot, kldunloaded all sound modules and reloaded the new
 > > ones.
 > > 
 > Consider my other suggestions: Disable acpi_thottle. This has nothing
 > to do with cpufreq/est/speedstep/powernow/etc.
 > hint.acpi_throttle.0.disabled=1
 > Lastly, believe me. This entire affair has nothing to do with sound
 > driver at all.

We believe you :)  After much pulling teeth in -stable, Warner Losh had
already hit the bullseye regarding Martin's other problem (clock losing
time beyond ntpd's ability to cope when running powerd) in this post:

where he suggested bumping debug.cpufreq.lowest up past 300MHz or so,
where Martin's t42p was shifting down to 75MHz at idle (with HZ=1000)

Glad that's sorted ..

Cheers, Ian

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