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Thu May 10 00:41:17 UTC 2007

Quoting Julian Elischer <julian at>:

> Julian Elischer wrote:
>> Stefan Ehmann wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 09 May 2007 02:45:13 Julian Elischer wrote:
>>>> Julian Elischer wrote:
>>>>> So, to continue on the topic of my last email,
>>>>> I'll be webcasting from BSDCan and teh FreeBSD devsummit that is with it.
>>>>> however I'll be using my Mac because I've used it before
>>>>> and I don't have time to experiment.. (Hey it's BSD ok?)
>>>>> I'm currently (and often) broadcasting a test stream at
>>>>> rtsp://
>>>>> I do have several questions.
>>>>> 1/ what is the best protocol/codec/etc.
>>>>>  I'm currently using mpeg-4 audio and video .. is that ok?
>>>>>   also for ease of coping with firewalls I'm using RTP over RTSP    (I
>>>>> think that's right) on port 80 though others might work....?
>>>>> 2/ does anyone know how to get mplayer to show this stuff?
>>>>> 3/ people have had success using VLC. does anyone have an
>>>>>  definative description of how to set it up to work?
>>>>   I have been told to use:
>>>>    Preferences -> check Advanced, go to Input/Codecs->Demuxers->RTP/RTSP
>>>> and check "Use RTP over RTSP (TCP)"
>>> For mplayer "-rtsp-stream-over-tcp" seems to be the equivalent (It  
>>> works for me at least).
>>> Also, the LIVEMEDIA option needs to be enabled when building  
>>> mplayer (which is off by default from what I've checked).
>> Ahh that may be the trick.
>> I'm broadcasting all of today from my office and home (but not when  
>> I'm commuting :-)
>> so let me know if you see anything.. (URL above)
> looking at the sessions coming in I see about 50% succeeding and 50%  
> failing..
> if you succeeed, post what you are using.. thanks.. (I know  
> quicktime works fine)
Hi Julian,

Both mplayer, vlc and vlc-devel work fine here in Veracruz, Mexico.  I  
just tested them both again after upgrading all.  Although I most  
always prefer vlc over mplayer for RTP/RTSP

I was connected with vlc for over 5 minutes without missing a beat of  
the music.  The video was fine but boring ;)  The music was a good  
selection from the 60's IIRC so I listened more than watched.

If you have time and haven't already done it, you might want to look  
at the  	streaming-server-users at  I find it very very  
informative.  I don't spend a lot of time on it but pickup a world of  

Thanks for all your effort to make this happen for those of us who  
won't be able to attend.


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