streaming guru needed

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed May 9 00:14:27 UTC 2007

So, to continue on the topic of my last email,
I'll be webcasting from BSDCan and teh FreeBSD devsummit that is with it.
however I'll be using my Mac because I've used it before
and I don't have time to experiment.. (Hey it's BSD ok?)

I'm currently (and often) broadcasting 
a test stream at rtsp://

I do have several questions.

1/ what is the best protocol/codec/etc.
   I'm currently using mpeg-4 audio and video .. is that ok?
    also for ease of coping with firewalls I'm using RTP over RTSP 
    (I think that's right) on port 80 though others might work....?

2/ does anyone know how to get mplayer to show this stuff?

3/ people have had success using VLC. does anyone have an
   definative description of how to set it up to work?

4/ has anyone recently figured out how to stream from BSD?
   I've heard rumours of VLC being able to do it but I'm 
   not an expert in all this.

I wish there was a good reference on this..

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