ffmpeg-devel needs your testing

Stefan Esser se at FreeBSD.org
Fri May 4 13:13:18 UTC 2007

Michael Johnson wrote:
> We have all known bugs and arch builds fixed for ffmpeg-devel,
> and we need your testing for ffmpeg-devel! The plan is to merge
> multimedia/ffmpeg-devel -> multimedia/ffmpeg if no major problems
> are found in the next few days.

While img_convert() has been declared deprecated for a while, it
seems to have finally been disabled in the version installed by
ffmpeg-devel. This will obviously impact any program using that
function, which has been superseded by (the much more complex)

I know that this breaks multimedia/dvbcut, but that is a C++
program, and AFAIK the ffmpeg developers want to drop support for
C++ in one of the next versions, anyway.

This leaves me wondering, if we could keep the last working
ffmpeg as ffmpeg-old for programs like dvbcut, that rely on it.

Regards, STefan

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