MythTV - MythWeb works

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Mon Mar 19 01:41:10 UTC 2007

On Saturday, 17 March 2007 at  0:45:48 +0100, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> FYI, I have just installed MythWeb (manually) on my FreeBSD MythBackend.
> I used the following
> ...

Yes, I've had it working for a while as well.  I have a couple of
issues, though:

- Most of the canned searches don't work.  I think this is an issue
  with my listings provider (
- I have three tuners, and in the manual listing searches it displays
  each programme once for each tuner, so I have two or three entries
  for most programmes.

Does anybody else see either of these problems?

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