new mythtv-0.20-fixes port

Geoff Buckingham geoffb at
Fri Mar 16 17:08:29 UTC 2007

I found I couldn't use the  mythtv port as a frontend to my existing
Ubuntu backend because of a protocol mis-match. MythTV-0.20 release uses
version 30. Binaries built from the "STABLE" mythtv-0.20-fixes branch
post 24/09/06 use version 31.

I therefore created a new port to support the version 31 protocol for my own

Just untar in /usr/ports/multimedia
cd mythtv-fixes
make install

WARNING: This port failis to build (link) while you have the 0.20 release port 
WARNING: I have only tested the frontend, which allowed me to watch live and 
recorded TV from the DVB-T cards in my Ubuntu system. I have not tested the 
backend at all.

This uses the same patchfiles as the mythtv port with the exception of 
patch-httprequest.cpp which needed some work as it had collided with a Linux

This branch claims many bugfixes over the release, assuming I havn't broken
the backend it may be usefull people who are not concerned which protocol
version they use. If you are already using the existing port to talk to 
other systems don't use this port, there is no backwards compatability
between protocol versions.

This is built from:
Revision: 13054
Last Changed Date: 2007-03-15 22:34:28 +0000 (Thu, 15 Mar 2007)

The svn logs for changes since 0.20 release can be found here:


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